A simple explanation

Finally we have a reason for Hurricane Katrina.  It’s nice to be able to blame this horrible tragedy on something other than Nature’s tantrums.  So who’s to blame?  Why, Ellen DeGeneres, of course.  It only makes sense!  Ellen hosts the Emmys, wrath of God ensues.  Duh!  Thanks to Sarah Kidd (via Zanebee) for finally clearing this up.

UPDATE:  I knew this news story was satire…I just wanted to blog it as though it were real. 🙂  It’s (almost) too ridiculous to be real, which is the funny part because Robertson has said some extrememly stupid things about gays; it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see a story like this on AP or Reuters someday.  It’s very well-written, must like something you’d find in The Onion.

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  1. Oh…my….
    *bangs head on keyboard*
    How can anyone let such ignorance be broadcasted?! I can’t wait for that guy to be sued or shot.


  2. “God already allows one awards show to promote the homosexual agenda,” Robertson declared. “But clearly He will not tolerate such sinful behavior to spread beyond the Tonys.”
    That’s funny, because I was always taught that God has NO limits… And I was also taught that we have free will. My my, God is getting soooo political lately.
    Sounds like we need to elect a new God who actually allows creation to have free will. What happenes when the current God sees monkees masturbating? Does he give them all a case of hairy palms? Er… Nevermind!


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