We don’t need no stinking budgets!

Looks like Seattle schools are facing some budget challenges this year, since they are doing the right thing by telling Coca-Cola to piss off and instead finding alternatives to sugar-water vending machines.  This bit in particular caught my eye:

The beverage vending contract with Coca-Cola had been lucrative for the district, netting $315,000 last year for middle and high schools.  A new contract with Summit Vending is expected to bring in far less: about $135,000 this year. Raising enough money to cover that loss will be a challenge, PTSA Seattle Council President Sherry Carr said.

With a money crunch like this, I’d imagine that these schools are having to cut back on lots of programs.  Gee, I wonder if any sports programs will be scaled back?  Surely they’d be willing to cut the sports budget along with the music program and other things.  Hah!  Oh, that’s a good one.   I almost fooled myself for a moment there!  Whew…..

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  1. I blame the school that I went to in Connecticut for the fact that I never became proficient on the cello. I’d been playing the cello in the orchestra at my school, when we moved to Connecticut. The school I transferred to had no orchestra. They cut it. Of course they had a band, because they needed a marching band for the football games. I wasn’t interested in band though. So my cello career was cut short.


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