Well, duh!

I wonder how shocked the clueless network execs are after reading a T.V. Guide poll which reveals that most Americans are sick to death of “reality” and crime shows.  Can this possibly be news to them?  Everyone I know who has cable T.V. has said this for the past three or four years, and a lot of poking around blogs and newsgroups reveals the same sentiment among the general tube-watchin’ populace:  too much fakey, idiotic reality shows and far too many crime shows with their various spinoffs.  And in between those, there’s a lot of other mindless garbage that fails to entertain or inspire in any way.

American television has been getting steadily dumber and dumber since…well, since it began, and this latest slew of horseshit programming should be the final insult to a lot of viewers.  My advice is to refuse to watch.  That’s it.  Turn off the T.V.  In fact, cancel your cable account and sign up for Netflix as soon as possible.  Also feel free to explore the wonders of BitTorrent, if you have a geeky side and don’t mind getting your episodes a day or two late.  But if you keep watching, more tripe will come.

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