Can’t bear it!

After stumbling across my Flag-O-Rama site (which hasn’t been updated in ages, unfortunately), a fellow named Steve Schofield sent me a link to a craptactular object for sale on eBay:  the September 11 Beanie Baby Memory Bear!  Jesus Christ…what’s stranger, the satire or the real thing?  Interesting how this particular auction is for the UK only.  I wonder how this stuff sells in the UK…maybe they appreciate the kitsch value.  I really hope that’s the case.

I’m tempted to run a series of searches on eBay to see what kind of 9/11-inspired junk comes up.  A simple search on the keywords “9/11 patriotic” turns up loads of stuff, including a particularly disgusting “Christian Eagle 9-11 Poster”.  Oh dear.  It’s also amazing how many people can’t spell, resulting in several items with the term “stars & strips” in them.  Hah!  I’d better stop now before my blood pressure rises any more…

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