The stars speak!

It’s telethon time!  The stars are clamoring to get on network television and tell us that people in New Orleans need our help.  Because, you know, we need celebrities to tell us what’s right.  Of course, putting them on teevee means they will be tempted to express an opinion or two about how Bush is handling the disaster.  During NBC’s recent telethon, Kayne West took an opportunity to rant about Bush and the media, which caused a mild uproar and got the censors all hot & bothered.  More telethons are coming, and everyone’s wondering if the celebrities starring in them will be able to get a non-scripted word in edgewise.

Personally, I don’t quite know how to feel about it.  I’m all for expressing opinions loudly and as publicly as possible, and when you have a television audience it’s probably hard to resist the temptation to open your mouth about something.  But this isn’t the Grammys or the Academy Awards, where nobody’s counting on the starpower to raise money.  The purpose of the telethon is to raise money for disaster relief, and I kinda feel like that should be the main goal of the evening.  Having said that, I don’t think the networks should time-delay the shows in order to censor out what they don’t like…I just think it might reflect badly on the ranter when the timing for ranting may not be appropriate.  There’s plenty of time to bash Bush and his cronies; for the hour these people are performing, shouldn’t the stars concentrate on getting people to donate?

Jesus, I hope I’m not getting soft! 🙂

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  1. I’m really troubled by American censorship. I’m Scandinavian, and I’ve never encountered censorship in any way, so I guess I’m culturally biased. But still – can anyone explain the purpose of censorship? I know the function (what it does), but why?


  2. Presumably to filter out “offensive” material so as not to “offend” anyone. Because apparently American sensibilities are easily offended. We are decended from Puritans and sometimes we act like it.
    But it is also used as a propaganda tool.


  3. No, Barry, you’re not getting soft. You’re just torn between your dislike of ragingly idiotic stars on a soapbox and a clumsy President of good intentions and terrible policies. It’s just as unpleasant to watch either group try to get political mileage out of something like a hurricane.


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