0 comments on “The stars speak!

  1. I’m really troubled by American censorship. I’m Scandinavian, and I’ve never encountered censorship in any way, so I guess I’m culturally biased. But still – can anyone explain the purpose of censorship? I know the function (what it does), but why?


  2. Presumably to filter out “offensive” material so as not to “offend” anyone. Because apparently American sensibilities are easily offended. We are decended from Puritans and sometimes we act like it.
    But it is also used as a propaganda tool.


  3. No, Barry, you’re not getting soft. You’re just torn between your dislike of ragingly idiotic stars on a soapbox and a clumsy President of good intentions and terrible policies. It’s just as unpleasant to watch either group try to get political mileage out of something like a hurricane.


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