Ah-nuld to vee-toh.

So Ah-nuld is going to veto California’s historic gay-marriage bill “out of respect for the will of the people.”  Hmmm.  Well, since the bill actually reached his desk after years of initiatves and votes, it sounds to me that this is the will of the people.  And yet, he still says that gay people should be given all the rights and protections that everyone else has.  Oh really.  You’re talking out of both sides of your walnut-brained neanderthal Republican head, Arnie…  How long can you keep this “separate but equal” thing up before you implode under the weight of your bullshit?

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  1. Something similar is probebly going to happen on the Island I live on. They are finnaly questioning the 20+ year old law about members of government or people with government jobs (including teachers) promoting homosexuality. It will also lower the age limit for sex to the same for heto couples. Things are going to get ugly, I can feel it…


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