Unbelievable! Some asshole company managed to get ahold of the number 800-RED-CROSS and hold it hostage, then tried to sell it to the Red Cross for a 6-figure sum.  Granted, this is something the Red Cross should have registered ages ago, and they admit their mistake by not getting to it first…but this is not some generic phone number or web domain term like DRUGS or FLOWERS, which fetched a handsome price for those who were smart enough to think ahead and register them.  This is a non-profit organization which just happens to be facing its biggest relief effort in the history of our country, and this little company wanted to charge them a ridiculous amount of money for disaster victims to be able to contact them using the number.  The balls these people have!

Luckily the Red Cross didn’t pony up the money.  They said “bite me” and took it straight to the FCC, which rightfully handed them the number.  Sho nuff!  The same has been done for many organizations and trademarked companies when digi-squatters tried to extort ungodly amounts of money for domains and numbers, but thankfully the law is getting up-to-speed with this stuff.

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