Yahoo’s stuff and crap and junk

For those of you who use Yahoo Messenger and want to ugprade, beware:  Yahoo is up to its old tricks again.  By selecting the default installation (what Yahoo laughably calls “Typical Install”), you will be treated to a whole load of shit that you might not want at all:

  • Yahoo Search Toolbar in IE
  • Desktop/system tray shortcuts scattered in folders all over your hard drive
  • Yahoo Extras links in IE
  • “Live Words” (anything you type during chat can be hyperlinked to Yahoo sponsors)
  • Default Homepage changed to Yahoo’s homepage

Trust me, I’ve done this a couple of times when upgrading and learned my lesson:  always select “Custom Install” and pick the options you want, or else Yahoo will litter your PC with crap that you most likely don’t want or need.  And I just love the way Yahoo’s spokesman tries to make it all about personal choice:  “By setting it that way we’re giving people choices. For people who want to download software in one fell swoop, they have that option.  If they don’t want it we give them the ability to customize it.”  Bullshit, you’re making the default installation option (the one most users will select) the one which gives us the most junk.  If we want your extra crap, we’ll ask for it!

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