Tuning out

Not having cable T.V. (or basic cable, or even a wire antenna), I haven’t see one shred of news footage from the horrific situation in New Orleans.  I’ve been reading up on it online and looking at a lot of photos, but I’d rather not have to endure the network news version of the tragedy because they trivialize this stuff so much, using it to grab ratings and more sponsors.  However, perhaps I can guess how it’s being covered without actually seeing it in action.  Here’s an attempt:

  • Reporters are on location, breathlessly giving us details of the destruction even as people trapped in homes around them are shouting for help.  They ride bravely with rescue teams, speaking in grave tones while wearing perfect hair and makeup.
  • Reporters are interviewing survivors, asking such probing questions as, “How does it feel to lose everything?” and “Are you glad to be alive?”  They ratchet up the drama by showing plenty of disabled and elderly folks struggling to get along.
  • Reporters try to capture actual looting in action to sensationalize the dark side of human nature.  “Look!  See that guy?  He’s stealing an espresso machine at gunpoint!  Did you get that?  Are we still on?”  The same footage of the same looting is shown again and again throughout the day.
  • Local news deskwarmers are giving death toll updates every 15 minutes, promising you that only they have the most up-to-date updates in all the media…so stay tuned for more, right after these words from McDonald’s, Lexus, Toyota, Pepsi, and K-Mart.
  • Soap operas are interrupted for news updates, resulting in thousands of calls to the station from housewives and unemployed gay men who are missing their “stories.”

Feh, now I’m being silly.  The news wouldn’t really be like that, would it?  Even more depressing are the news stories coming out about how Bush gutted funding for disaster preparedness to fight his War on Terrr.  And the looting, raping, gun-toting neanderthals roaming around disrupting efforts to help people.  And, and, and…ugh.  What horrible time for those folks.

Meanwhile, I’ve been mind-numbingly busy and stressed out at work, so blogging time has dropped drastically this week…  But maybe the 3-day weekend will help.  Hopefully I’m not boring that guy in Bothell. 🙂

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  1. The one time I sat down to watch it I saw something amusing. A reporter was on site, and it was apsolutly pissing it down. A big gust of wind blew him backwards into a nearby wall, hard. Who says the news isn’t entertaining?


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