I’ll have a nonfat conservative latte with a sprinkle of hostility, please

(photo by Jeremy Haak)

Oh, to be an easily-offended American must be a terrible thing.  Imagine being so hypersensitive and narrow-minded that even a quote on a Starbucks cup offends you to your moral core.

A national Christian women’s organization is accusing the Seattle-based coffee maker of promoting a homosexual agenda because of a quote by author Armistead Maupin, whose “Tales of the City” chronicled San Francisco’s homosexual community in the 1970s and 1980s.

Maupin’s quote — one of several dozen in “The Way I See It” promotion — says his only regret about being gay is that he repressed it for so long.

“I surrendered my youth to the people I feared when I could have been out there loving someone. Don’t make that mistake yourself. Life’s too damn short.”

Concerned Women for America, which promotes itself as the antithesis of the National Organization for Women and boasts 8,700 supporters in Washington, says most of those quoted on the coffee cups are liberal.

What a depressing existence that must be.  Don’t like the quote?  Don’t read it.  Better yet, don’t go to Starbucks.  Stay at home, drink decaf tea, and knit some Bible quote doilies.  We won’t miss you.

The quote in question is about honesty and dignity and being free to love someone…but because it came from a filthy, evil gay homosexual means it’s promoting the Gay Agenda™, whatever that is.  I guess gay folks weren’t meant to have dignity and loving relationships.  Silly me!  Thank Baby Jesus that we have the Concerned Women for America around to set us straight.  This also struck me as laughable since many big-name American companies are openly Christian, yet I don’t see any uptight gay groups boycotting them or trying to get them to shut up about it.  Funny how that works, hmmm?

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