Evil detected…prepare to ignore!

Oh, Microsoft is really treading on shaky ground with this one.  If you’ve done any amount of reading about spyware, you’ve surely heard about Gator (now loftily named Claria), which is one of the most intrusive, deceitful, and outright evil companies in existence. This makes it one of the most hated companies by PC users because their adware crap is packaged with many programs and is often installed without the user fully comprehending what it’s for, if they notice it at all.

Anyway, Microsoft has been thinking about buying Claria for its own use, which they say is only a rumor…that is, until they downgraded the warnings for Claria in their own spyware detection tool. This just seems too stupid to be true, but there it is:  Claria’s spyware has been downgraded to “ignore” by default, which means the spyware stays on your system unless you specifically go in there and tell the tool to remove it.  Now they’re trying to defend themselves and assure us that they’re not going to allow Claria’s spyware to absorb and destroy your PC, even though that’s exactly what will happen if you “ignore” it.  The comments on Slashdot on this issue are quite entertaining, oh yes. 🙂

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