0 comments on “And now, education! (Sponsored by Toyota™, Pepsi™, and Tampax™)

  1. 2 words for your entry, Barry: well-written and frightful.
    (don’t fuss: well-written counts as 1 word, ok?)


  2. Why don’t they just pave over the entire world so they can just slap advertisments on it and be done with it. What’s next? Some night you’ll be looking at the moon and it will be flashing huge neon signs for the “Dukes of Hazzard” movie or for Coca-Cola or something.


  3. Not that I like the idea of corporate branding of schools – I don’t, but your analysis misses the mark for me on several points. First, war funding has not taken any money from the education budget. Second, most school funding takes place at the local level, as it should. This is the only way that parents can have a voice in what their children are being taught. More Federal dollars means more Federal mandates, means more goofy social indoctrination and less parental choice and acedemic excellence. At least that has been the pattern thusfar. Finally, from reading the article, it seems to me that the schools are chasing the corporate dollars as much or more than the corporations are pushing them. Ultimately, the individual, local school districts make these calls, not the Feds, or the corporations.
    By the way, there is no direct correlation between the amount of school funding and performance of students, except at the extreme low range.


  4. I believe the point is, schools cannot get state funding if the funding isn’t availble. Also money CAN affect education when textbooks are out of date and rain is leaking thru holes in the ceiling. Poorer schools have problems like this so some have to get money any way they can.


  5. Yeah, supposedly one of the greatest countries in the world and our educational system has to look for handouts (and it will really be henious if its from corporate shill-mongers)


  6. It won’t be too long before poorer countries are bought out by corporations and named. Pepsi, New Guinea or Nike, Africa.


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