The lastest McFashion

McDonald’s is sniffing around the big-name fashion labels in hopes of getting one of them to redesign its employee uniforms.  Because, you know, Mickey D’s is the epitome of hip and is practically synonymous with names like P. Diddy (or Pee Dickey, or Dill Pickly, or T. Picky Diddlywinks, or whatever his name is this week). Personally I think they oughta make them clown suits.  Why not?  Work for the Clown, dress like the Clown, BE the Clown!  However, their spokesman is even more ambitious: “The desire is to create uniforms that our crews would want to wear outside the restaurant environment.”  Oh, that’s good stuff. I can totally see someone looking down at his grease-stained, fast-food-smelling McUniform and saying “Damn, I’m wearin’ this badass outfit to the clubs tonight, yo!” Or perhaps they’d just like their wage slaves to remain in uniform all the time, so they can never truly escape? It was probably just a general remark about the look they’re going for, but you never know with this company. Just between you and me, I like the little paper hats.  Hey, maybe they can make them into little Golden Arches origami shapes!

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  1. Reminds me of “Running With Scissors” by Augusten Burroughs:
    “Natalie had been out of clean clothes and too dysfunctional to wash a load”…”so for the third day in a row she was wearing her polyster McDonalds counter girl uniform.”


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