Terrorists strike Florida!

So two teens supposedly burned some flags in Florida the other day.  Great, that’s just what we need right now: a couple of nitwits pretending to be “anarchists” so they can get on the evening news.  This is just the kind of thing the Bushies need to say “See?  See??  We need an amendment to protect the flag NOW!”  They will use any excuse to hype up a nonexistent flag-burning crisis in our country.

But answer this:  when those flags were burning, did you feel your freedom draining away?  Did you suddenly feel less safe and secure?  Did you feel the icy grip of a filthy terrorist’s claw around your throat?  Or did you even know it happened until it hit Drudge yesterday?  Uh-huh.  And if this is such a major crime, why weren’t these teens charged with treason and taken to Gitmo for “questioning”?  A few weeks of starvation and Christina Aguilera oughta teach ’em not to mess with Uncle Sam!

Say it!

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