Praise the Lord and pass the dip!

Biker Dude sent me this last week but I’ve been a little slow in getting it blogged.  Just when we were starving for the spiritual (and physical) fulfillment that only a divinely-touched tuber can provide, another Jesus chip surfaces to cleanse our souls and provide us with wholly holy goodness!

One Valentine’s Day, her brother found a heart-shaped potato chip, but no one in the family had ever seen what emerged from a bag of Lay’s sour cream and onion potato chips a couple of weeks ago: an oval measuring roughly 11/2 inches in diameter, in which Rosalie Lawson saw the image of Jesus Christ.

“I shop at Publix at Northeast Shopping Center,” she said. The store recently had a buy-one, get-one-free deal on the chips, and she bought a couple of packages for the Memorial Day weekend.

One night, while watching television, she said, she was munching away and pulled a chip from an 11-ounce bag.

“With things in food these days,” she said, she’s careful to look at most comestibles.

“I was down there by myself” in the TV room, she said. “I said, “Jerry, you’ve got to see this potato chip.’

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  1. I like how the woman says they don’t know if they’ll “try to sell it or what?” How about eating the damn thing and be done with it? From far far away it might look like Jesus but even that’s a stretch. The next time the sweat on my socks or boxer’s looks vaguely like Jesus or the Mother Mary or whatever just look for them on E-bay.


  2. Further proof that the Lord works in mysterious ways. It’s all a test and all of you skeptics have obviously failed it….tsk, tsk!


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