These guys play dirrrty!

This is kinda old news by now, but I still think it’s amusing.  Apparently the torturers at Guantanamo had certain ideas about what kind of music would break their captives’ will and turn them into quivering, secret-spilling mounds of jelly.  According to their logs:

After the new measures are approved, the mood in al-Qahtani’s interrogation booth changes dramatically. The interrogation sessions lengthen. The quizzing now starts at midnight, and when Detainee 063 dozes off, interrogators rouse him by dripping water on his head or playing Christina Aguilera music.

Yeah, I know that this was probably just a way to force some American culture on them, but Christina Aguilera?  Surely they can do better than that.  Why not make them watch Jessica Simpson or Britney?  Or play some Joanna Newsom…that’ll reduce them to tears of agony in mere minutes.  (Listen to the clips and you’ll see what I mean.)

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  1. Weeeell… I think we can agrree that it probably isn’t about the artist, but about the music being played when you are just about ready to go into nice, numbing shock.
    When getting ready to terrorize/torture/question people I guess you just grab whatever CD you happen to have lying around. So the real issue might be; should the Defenders of the Faith (as I lovingly think of the American soldiers) really be listening to Christina Aguilera?
    It just doesn’t seem very manly.


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