Que es mas macho: light bulb o schoolbus?

Leave it to a French fashion designer to decide that today’s “macho man” is at home in ridiculous, pretentious foo-foo clothing.

Macho man is an endangered species, with today’s male more likely to opt for a pink flowered shirt and swingers’ clubs than the traditional role as family super-hero, fashion industry insiders say.

A study along these lines led by French marketing and style consultants Nelly Rodi was unveiled to Fashion Group International during a seminar Tuesday on future strategy for the fashion industry in Europe.

“The masculine ideal is being completely modified. All the traditional male values of authority, infallibility, virility and strength are being completely overturned,” said Pierre Francois Le Louet, the agency’s managing director.

Instead today’s males are turning more towards “creativity, sensitivity and multiplicity,” as seen already in recent seasons on the catwalks of Paris and Milan.

Look, Nelly (his real name, I might add):  just because you’re seeing this stuff on the catwalks of Paris and Milan doesn’t mean it’s a new paradigm for manly men everywhere.  Can you seriously imagine the typical American thick-necked macho jock type wearing a pink shirt spattered with yellow flowers?  He’d rather be dipped in gravy and thrown to a pack of rabid poodles!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust fashion designers to be the ones to psychoanalyze the men of the world the way they attempt to in this story.  I know they like to try to dictate what everyone else wears by deciding what’s “in” and “hot”, but this is a bit of a stretch.  But I’m just a lowly consumer…the French Fashion Elite™ obviously know a great deal of deep philosophical stuff that I’m completely missing.  I’ll wear whatever you tell me to!  Where’s my neon green tube top and matching thong?

These people are also using Reebok’s bullshitty slogan “I Am What I Am” as an example of the newfound freedom among straight men to bend the rules and do/dress as they please.  Nevermind the fact that it’s a MARKETING SLOGAN which would be more accurate if it was “I am what I am as long as I’m wearing Reebok.”  (In case the story has moved, since Yahoo stupidly moves news links after a few days, you can read a text version here.)

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  1. This guy has got us guys all figured out. I can’t wait for the day that I see manly men on the beach during spring break wearing plastic clothes, or pants made of duct tape, or a shirt made of tape from a cassette tape, or a guy with a vest of feathers. Finally I’m gonna fit in! Tee hee HET!
    It will NEVER happen. Frikkin’ rediculous. It’s like that guy who wanted to be just like Andy Worhol by imitating everything he did and expected to be successful. Does anyone remember him? I do because I made a mental note many many years ago, and yeah he failed because nobody bought into his crap. I’d be surprised if anyone remembers him, and I’d also be surprised to see a demasculinization of men. Just go to a gay leather bar!


  2. The dork sez:
    “Today’s consumer wants to feel pampered, but also to be able to take time out, feel good and feel alive.”
    That’s about as enlightening as a magic 8 ball.


  3. I’m surprised the “redefined” male has already made a comeback–it’s a bit early; only 10 years has passed. ‘Move over Stallone’ etc. was the battle cry when male Geek Chic was suddenly all over the fashion world in the mid 90s. Gone, triumphantly heraleded, was the beefy ‘masculine’ “American Gladiator” model; in was the heroin addict.
    Heroin chic got a bad rap in the late 90s and models and designers went back to churning out styles for the American Gladiators, devotees of Men’s Health, and emulators of Abercrombie.
    (What I find best in the article is their attempt to “Blame it all on China.” While maybe not any particular fashion style, China Bashing sure is the new Political Chic.)
    Article: “Today’s consumer wants to feel pampered, but also to be able to take time out, feel good and feel alive.”
    Versus yesterday’s consumer who wanted to feel wretched, but also wanted to be able to take time out, yoke the oxen, and wake up feeling miserably.


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