Goosesteppin’ for God

Here we go again…  A group of hysterical religious cultists are making another sweeping attempt to have gay marriage banned in California.  Not only will it be banned, but existing benefits for same-sex couples will disppear.  The boot of anti-gay discrimination will be stomping on the faces of innocent people and their children.  Gasp!  I thought these people worshipped children.  Like, children are our future and stuff!  But not even children can escape the steamroller of God’s Army.  Because, you know, straight white Christians are more equal than the rest of us.

The amendment’s sponsors must submit nearly 600,000 signatures from voters to the California Secretary of State to qualify the measure for the June 2006 ballot.

Under the proposed amendment, same-sex couples still would be allowed to register as domestic partners, but most of the privileges and responsibilities the state has provided for such unions would be taken away. The government of the state of California and local governments, for example, would no longer be allowed to provide health coverage for the partners of their gay employees.

Gay rights supporters describe the measure as among the most extreme attempts nationwide to block the gains same-sex couples have made since Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage last year. If passed, it would make California the 20th state with a constitutional prohibition against gay marriage.

“It’s absolutely ahead of the pack in its viciousness,” said Thalia Zepatos of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

The best quote in the story was spewed from the leader of the petition:  “The people are ready to protect marriage once and for all.”  Oh, really? Can you protect it from a 50% divorce rate among straight couples, hmmm?  Get back to me when you’ve managed to rescue marriage from the overhyped, cheapened weekend activity you’ve turned it into.

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  1. “Get back to me when you’ve managed to rescue marriage from the overhyped, cheapened weekend activity you’ve turned it into.”
    By making it legal for anyone to marry anything? Good thing me and my toaster cannot procreate (a common problem with “alternate lifestyles”…). Personally, when I get into bed with someone, I’d rather they not have a hairier ass than me. But, whatever . . .


  2. And, pray tell, who says anyone should be able to marry “anything”? Do you know anyone who actually said they want to marry a household appliance, or their pet goat? I didn’t think so. It’s another exaggeration by certain kinds of people who are threatened by anyone different from themselves. And yes, marriage is a cheap weekend activity. If you can get married in Vegas in under 15 minutes to someone you met last night, I’d hardly call it a “holy commitment.”
    If you’re so naive that you think that marriage between a loving couple should only be for procreation, you have my sympathies. And, for the record, I don’t enjoy a hairy ass either.


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