I knew it!!!

Wired has an article about Golden Palace today which spills the beans on their cheap tactics to earn themselves a household name:  buying useless shit on eBay just to get press coverage.  They didn’t buy the recent Jennifer Wilbanks toast, but they did buy the mystery envelope a while back as well as the infamous Virgin Mary cheese sandwich (including the pan it was fried in), among other nonsense items.  But when you see their name on every oddball auction out there, it’s going to lose its “charm” and the public will once again look for something else to entertain itself.

Sandwich update: the guy auctioning the Jennifer Wilbanks toast on eBay ended up with a not-so-sweet deal after all.  After racking up $500 in eBay fees keeping this stupid auction going, the winner of the auction is refusing to pay.  Hah!  Oh well.  That’s what happens when you take an obvious joke too seriously, hmmm?

STILLWATER, N.J. — A man who auctioned off a slice of toast carved with his drawing of the runaway bride feels burned because the winning bidder has refused to pay for the item.

Perry Lonzello, 48, of Stillwater, used a piece of toasted Wonder Bread as the canvas for his rudimentary portrait of Georgia bride-to-be Jennifer Wilbanks, and posted it at the online auction site eBay on a whim.

The auction debuted with a bid of $1.11 on May 1, but that amount grew quickly after the item drew national attention. And when the auction ended Sunday, Lonzello said a California man had submitted the winning bid of $15,400.

Lonzello — who has said he planned to donate money from the auction to charity — was prepared to hand over the toast on national television Monday, only to learn that the buyer had a change of heart.

“The purchaser reneged on the sale,” Lonzello told The Star-Ledger of Newark, adding that the man was no longer returning his calls. “He said he was goofing around. I think some legal action will be coming out of this.”

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