I’m SO glad I don’t have cable.

I just read a horrifying story about the vastly expanded Star Wars marketing that has been unleased on all our media.  Toys, food, games, books, clothing…if they can stick a Star Wars characater on it, you’ll be able to buy it somewhere. Of course, this has always been a heavily-marketed franchise, but now they’re going let the characters actually be seen drinking Pepsi or shoving hamburgers in their faces, whereas in the past they’ve only been allowed to appear on the actual merchandise.  It’s a marketing guy’s wet dream, and we get to suffer for it. Yay!

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  1. I thought of you today when I was at lunch. I saw these Star Wars, Giant-Pez dispensers on sale at Bartell’s for $19.99. They are obsurd! I tried to find a picture online to send to you, but none of them showed the product in its full glory: a cardboard floor stand.


  2. The only thing you can do is take it with fun, so I propose that they should produce the following ads:
    -Yoda in a gansta rap outfit using the Force to make break-dance moves.
    -Chewbacca endorsing a depilation centre.
    Of course, I can’t wait either until someone makes a remake of the “I know a short passage from the Bible” scene from Pulp Fiction, with SL Jackson dressed in Jedi robes and using his lightsaber to kill the guys. Once we are down to it, we can also make Travolta dress a la Saturday Night Fever and dance around while Jackson wrecks havoc
    I know, I’m just weird


  3. “Now they’re thinking it’s more important to get the word out about ‘Star Wars’ than protect their characters,”
    If 28 years of word-of-mouth hasn’t given Star Wars enough exposure, Dark Side M$Ms and Yoda Pepsi won’t help.


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