I hack you!

I saw this story on several tech websites, but Joel Eagelston emailed me and said that this guy is possibly the biggest Quantum Moron ever.  He’s definitely in the running!  Anyway this idiot was in a IRC chatroom and was pissed off by the moderators, so he demanded to have the moderator’s IP address so he could hack it and destroy stuff.  AS IF someone will just say “Okay, here’s my IP address, have at it!”  So the moderator gave the “hacker” the IP address, which is everyone’s own PC…so the guy basically hacked his own PC and killed it.  Of course, after reading the chat transcript (posted by the guy who was “hacked”) it’s apparerent that the hacker may have been joking around, but you never know…there are some abysmally stupid people out there!

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