Greed taken to a new level

From the “I can’t believe this is happening, what kind of sick world is this?” department comes a story about a software company which is planning on hiring outsourced foreign workers…just off the coast of our own shores.  He’s planning on having them work day and night to finish projects at extremely low wages (“Try to get American software engineers to work at night,” the co-founder says) while claiming that they’re “seamen” so the company can avoid payroll taxes and paying for visas.  Just when I thought I’ve seen the height of greed and abuse of the system in my own country, one company just might one-up them all only three miles west of L.A. on a cruise ship.  Thanks to Ellis Detripp for passing this along…

In an outrageous affront to U.S. labor laws, a California company plans to anchor a 600-cabin cruise ship just beyond the three-mile limit off the coast of El Segundo, near Los Angeles, and stock it with foreign software programmers.

The company, SeaCode, will seek to classify the workers as “seamen,” avoiding U.S. payroll taxes and the need for immigration visas.

Programmers from places like India and Russia would work 8-hour or 10-hour shifts, either day or night. Take-home pay: About $21,500 a year.

Compare that to the salary of an American programmer – median salary for programmers is around $60,000, and those with extensive experience can make $125,000 or more – and U.S. companies like SeaCode could reap a windfall.

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  1. I don’t see what the big fuss is. Sure, the employees get slave wages, but look at the payoff! They get to go on a cruise every day. They can spend their breaks sipping martinis and sunbathing off the coast of California.


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