Big deal!

The food industry is launching a big fat ad blitz to convince us that obesity really isn’t such a deal.  They’re basically saying “Sure, you may be morbidly obese.  You may not be able to walk down the block without collapsing from exhaustion.  Your bone structure may be about to implode under the weight.  Your arteries may need to be unclogged with Draino.  You may need the Jaws of Life to get you out of bed each morning.  But hey!  Why stop eating now?  It’s not so bad, is it?  Changing your diet is for wimps!  C’mon, grab a shovel!”  And, of course, the fact that the group behind the ads won’t reveal its donors speaks volumes about how confident these restaurants chains are about their message.

It’s all because of a recent government report which questions the number of obesity-related deaths…but what about the issue of being alive and obese, and the health risks involved?  Just because it hasn’t killed you doesn’t mean it’s healthy!

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  1. On the other hand, the USDA recently revamped the food pyramid and actually added excercise as part of it!
    You can also go to the website and get a personalized pyramid.


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