Virtual earthquake

Once a year our company does one of those “virtual earthquakes” in an attempt to keep us prepared for the real thing.  A noble cause, but the execution is pretty silly.  They actually get on the intercom and unexcitedly read a script which goes something like this:  “OK, the earthquake has started.  Your computer monitor falls onto your desk.  The ground is moving.  You get under your desk for protection.  The walls are shaking.  Things fall off your desk and onto the floor.  Blah blah blah…”  And they actually expect people to get under their desks!

So today I decided to take a little movie of the “event” — the color is pretty bad for some reason (our office isn’t really that ugly shade of yellow) but it’s not bad.  I got under my desk like a good employee, and even threw a few things from my inbox onto the floor for good measure.  I giggled like an idiot throughout the whole thing…it was just so stupid. 🙂  But a fun little diversion, I suppose…  (Today I learned that offices all over Seattle had to endure this type of drill.)

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  1. You realize, of course, that if/when there is a REAL earthquake, everyone will assume (because of stupid “preparedness” drills like these) that it’s just another test. Back when I was at college in Philadelphia, the dorms had these moronic fire drills all the time. Finally, most of us just started staying in our rooms when the alarm went off, rather than go out into the cold for 20 minutes at a time. Good thing there never was really a fire…


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