Microsoft’s new product: WimpXP

Microsoft finally revealed its true colors, and those colors ain’t the gay rainbow.  Our local rag The Stranger just published a story about how Microsoft, tail between its legs, pulled its support from an anti-gay-discrimination bill here in Washington.  Why would they do this?  They’re claiming that it’s because they don’t want to get too close to certain social issues, but Microsoft has an active and well-supported group for its gay employees, and they offer benefits to same-sex couples (or domestic partners, whichever).  Why would they draw back on a bill which would add sexual orientation to our otherwise thorough anti-discrimination laws?  Because a local pastor told them to, apparently.  Read the story for full details on that bit…it’s just disgusting.  This particular paragraph pretty much says it all:

That one of the world’s best-known corporations, synonymous with cutting-edge workplace innovation, would reverse its stance on such a basic piece of legislation because of threats from one minister seems to be yet another sign of the ongoing reverberations of last November’s presidential election, when “moral values” voters were widely — if probably erroneously — perceived to have played the role of kingmaker in ensuring the reelection of President Bush.

Thanks to M. Taylor-Judd for passing this along!

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