Our Lady of the Underpass

Once again the Virgin Mary has appeared to her flock in a deeply spiritual location:  under a freeway.  Obviously she needs to work on her delivery…who’s going to bother worshipping her if she only appears on tortillas, shower curtains, fences, the sides of barns, and the occasional cheese sandwich?  (Answer:  plenty of dorkish people with overactive imaginations.)  Maybe she oughta hire a good P.R. person.  How about Madonna’s?  Hah!  Oh, I crack myself up…

Obdulia Delgado turned toward the on ramp of the Kennedy Expressway when she saw something in the middle of traffic which made her stop.

She saw the image of the Virgin Mary in a large yellow and white stain on the concrete wall at the Fullerton Avenue entrance last week.

“I was so stunned I couldn’t move. People were honking,” said Delgado, 31. “It was a dream. I don’t even know how I got home.”

By this morning, dozens of people had gathered to see what they believe is the image of the Blessed Mother beneath the underpass.

Groups of people filtered past the site all day, some lighting candles and leaving flowers, others saying the rosary. Most snapped pictures with digital cameras and cell phones, saying the image became clearer in pictures.

To some who saw it, the image appeared as a white outline of the Holy Mother’s face wearing a shadowy cloak. To others, it looked like an ivory pawn from a game of chess.

As believers came to the spot throughout the morning, police put up temporary barricades to prevent people from driving and parking in the area.

Delgado said she had been praying to the Virgin Mary to help her pass a final in culinary school when she saw the image.

“There are many people here who believe in her. She’s here for a reason,” she said. “For me, it’s not a watermark, it’s the Virgin Mary.”

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  1. Maybe it’s just the picture and because I haven’t seen it in real life and I don’t mean to be crude or blasphemas but that looks like a big gaping snatch. I mean what does that say about the Virgina Mary? When people see something like that and think of the Virgin Mary?


  2. I was going to say the same thing as ellis detripp (LOL)–it looks like a c*nt to me. Does that say more about me or it?


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