Worm fuzzies

On the human interest front, a local boy has helped raise a few thousand dollars for a local charity which benefits the homeless.  Here’s his sales pitch:  “Last week in the newspaper was a story about a group of people who want to make an old hotel nice and shiny for people who are homeless.  These people have coleckted a lot of money but thay still need 2 milleon dollars to make it nice and new.  I an riting this leter because it makes me sad that so meny people have to live on the streets.  You can give $50 or $1 doller all the money will help ceep lots of people worm and safe.”

How inspirational to see an eight-year-old feel genuine compassion for those who are less fortunate than himself and seek to help them however he can.  As a side note, I would like to suggest a companion fundraiser which will benefit young people:  “Help kidz lern to spel.”

(Sorry, I know that’s mean…but I just couldn’t help myself!)

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