Spyware spank

An anti-spyware company was recently spanked for misleading (i.e., scaring and bullshitting) people into buying their product.  They resorted to one of the oldest trick in the internet book:  pop-up windows (disguised as system errors) which scream “YOU’VE GOT SPYWARE ON YOUR SYSTEM!  BUY OUR PRODUCT NOW BEFORE YOUR PC EXPLODES!” or something to that effect.  We’ve all seen crap like this and it’s laughably stupid, but it’s easy for the more gullible folks out there to fall for it.  The fact that their software doesn’t even work properly is what makes this particular case so sleazy!

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  1. the best one of them: “YOUR COMPUTER CLOCK MAY BE WRONG!”and if it is there, it’s because someone actually clicks on it.i wheep for humanity.


  2. I was dreading my heavy flow days til someone filled me in that it doesn’t happen to guys. Isn’t it sad that every TV-watching American male can name the brands and varieties of most tampons and douches? I like Judy’s solution: “TAKE A BATH, BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!”


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