Dregs of the Internet

A fellow named Keith Richards passed these delicious nuggets of twittery along.  The first, a website called savetoby.com, is a rather pathetic attempt to humorously get people to send in donations.  His pitch?  “I’m going to kill this bunny and eat it if you don’t donate.  Ho-ho!”  Sorry, the give-me-money-for-nothing idea has been done to death.  Enjoy your hasenpfeffer.

The second item is just as obtuse:  a recent eBay auction for a “mystery envelope” which ended with a winning price of $7600.  Personally I think this is just another gimmick like the famed cheese sandwich emblazoned with the Virgin Mary which sold for $20,000 last year.  After reading all his Q&A and other hype, I came across this little statement which pretty much says that all the people desperately following the progress of this auction were being strung along for sheer entertainment:  “…welcome to the newest form of entertainment, I like to call it Reality Auctions. See what you do is you take an interesting auction, invite tens of thousands of people, answer a mountain of questions, throw in some media, a few hundred bidders, a couple updates here and there and you now have one of the most entertaining forms of activity on the internet and it is kid safe.”  Oh, I see…you’re just starving for attention.  I understand now!  Anyway, the winner of this “fabulous” prize was Golden Palace Casino, a company which constantly bombards me with spam…which leads me to believe that they may have been shill bidders on this item in an attempt to lure others into bidding on the next mystery item.  Or maybe they were determined to win just for the free advertising, since so many people were watching the auction.  Whatever it was, I’m glad I missed out. 🙂

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  1. I’ve noticed that Golden Palace Casino has been winning a lot of auctions lately… They also won a breast implant removed from a stripper and I remember hearing about how they won the right to put their logo on some pregnant woman’s belly. Is this their marketing ploy? To win stupid auctions?! Who are these people??


  2. Yeah, seems pretty lame, like a money-grubbing attention whore trying to see how many suckers are actually out there. If it were me, the envelope would contain a pair of my dirty underwear…but that’s just me.


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