This one’s all over the news:  a girl at a Florida high school wants to wear a tuxedo for her senior yearbook photo, which is apparently against the school’s dress code.  So they’re chopping her out and making her father pay $700 for it to appear somewhere in the back of the book, away from her classmates.  This is the school’s way of essentially segregating her from her friends forever as punishment for daring to dress differently.  Unbelievable.  The fact that she says she’s a lesbian may have something to do with their decision, but I think it probably has more to do with silly conformity rules amongst her stiff-assed elders:  “Boys wear a tux, girls wear a gown!  Everybody knows that.  We can’t have gender-bending costume changes going on, it will throw the entire community into chaos.  So wear your gown like a good girl and stop trying to be different.  Get in your box and stay there!”

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  1. This girl is really on to something. It shouldn’t be mandated that women wear uncomfortable clothes that don’t allow free range of motion. It also shouldn’t be mandated that women wear clothes that exploit their physical assets. If it were up to me, high heels would join the ranks of cruel and unusual punishment, along the same lines (though to a much lesser degree) that it wasn’t right for asian women to be socially pressured to bind their feet. It’s damaging to the body to walk in shoes like that.


  2. You can also find email addresses for the school board members here: http://www.clay.k12.fl.us/school_board.htmI sent a letter to everybody in an administrative position at the school and the entire school board. It’s too late to change anything, but they should all be shamed anyway.I grew up in Jacksonville, which is right next door to Orange Park. Sadly, none of this surprises me. At my high school graduation, they even mandated what clothes we could wear under our gowns, even though nobody could see it.


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