Why do people still use Hotmail?

I know millions still do, but please tell me why. Microsoft has dragged its feet on plugging its many security holes over the years. It’s the #1 target for spammers and their dictionary attacks on email addresses.  Recent outages have resulted in deleted emails and inaccessible accounts, even for 200,000 premium accounts who pay for better service.  Microsoft’s Passport thing is cumbersome and unnecessary.  Hotmail won’t even let you export your contacts (as far as I can see).  And…well, I’ll stop there.  I know so many people who are complaining about Hotmail’s service, but they’re still using it.  I switched to Yahoo years ago and loved it, until I discovered Gmail last year and loved it even more, and that’s what I’ve used ever since.  Don’t be afraid to switch, folks!  You’ll be glad you did. 🙂  (I also have 50 Gmail invites, so if anybody wants one just let me know: shoogle2@gmail.com.)

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