Mask? How about a blindfold?

Well, well, well!  Hollywood has dropped another steaming turd of a film on the unsuspecting public in the form of Son of the Mask, and it’s almost universally despised by critics after only one weekend.  I have never seen a film get such a low rating on  “Boogeyman” hit a low of 7% last week, but “Son of the Mask” presently scores a staggeringly low 4% on the freshness scale.  This is why I love…I don’t always listen to what critics say, but when they all hate a film, it probably deserves it.

Anyway, I could smell this one a mile away the moment I first glimpsed the trailer…in my anguish, I blogged a prayer to God and asked why he is punishing us so.  Apparently we’ve been very, very bad.  Alan Cumming must also have been very bad recently to have been shoehorned into such a snortworthy role…what was he thinking??  Ah, well.  In a week this film will hopefully be forgotten, another nugget in the vast Hollywood toilet.

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  1. Do you think it’s as bad as “Look Who’s Talking Too”? Or the horrendous “Look Who’s Talking Now”? (edited for stupid spelling errors)


  2. I believe Travolta’s epic “Battlefield Earth” scored a 0%….the reviews are so vitriolic that I had to read ’em all. 🙂 -Zaki


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