Looney Tunes Reloaded

Looks like Warner Brothers is screwing around with the Looney Toons again.  Remember back in the early 90’s when WB pimped up their most famous characters and turned them into NBA sports figures?  Hip-hoppin’, Nike wearin’, basketball playin’, badass gangsta toons with attitude.  You know what I mean…all those t-shirts featuring Bugs Bunny with his arms crossed and sunglasses on his face, looking down at you as if to say “Dontcha fuck wit me, bitch!”  They turned celebrated cartoon characters into ultra-hip screet culture icons because they obviously felt that today’s generation couldn’t possibly identify with the old, boring Looney Tunes.  Yes, we’re soooo much more sophisticated nowadays!  (Translation: WB has soooo many more licensing deals nowadays.)  They traded all the Looney Tunes charm and wit for idiotic basketball movies and sports merchandise, and it’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

Now they’re going to revamp these toons again, this time giving them a futuristic spin as “Loonatics.”  The characters are dark, sleek, sharp-edged, scowling, smirking, posturing, and looking quite menacing (maybe downright evil).  The attitude is sure to be ratcheted up a few notches as well.  Why is this necessary?  I enjoyed them just as they were when I was a kid, and my parents did the same when they were young.  Does everything have to be dark and edgy for kids to like it?  WB did a great job with “Animaniacs” in the 90’s, which was a smart show with completely new characaters.  It had plenty of adult jokes to go along with the silliness that kids appreciate, and there was nothing menacing or badass about it.  But they must be completely out of ideas if all they can do is revamp these characters yet again…

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  1. [Napoleon Dynamite] IDIOTS!!! [/Napoleon Dynamite]I hated what they did to Looney Tunes. I used to love watching the Bugs Bunny Show on Saturday mornings when I was a kid, they were so clever. I don’t know why they have to “dumb down” the cartoons and make them “hip”. They’re just stupid.But then again The Power Rangers was pretty popular, and it was idiotic.


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