Nobody can beat our asses

Our fat American asses are apparently making quite an impression around the globe, starting with breaking chairs on cruise liners.

Overweight American passengers have broken dozens of seats on the Queen Mary II, the world’s biggest and most luxurious cruise liner, according to Britain’s The Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

The French company that supplied chairs on the cruise liner told the newspaper it is repairing and replacing them as quickly as they collapse under plus-sized passengers.

A spokesman for the company Alstom Chantiers told the newspaper that some of the passengers, mostly those from the United States, were heavier than expected.

Absolutely amazing. People are also getting too wide to sit comfortably in movie theater and airline seats…and when they try to charge us for using up two seats, we bitch and complain as if it’s not our fault that we’re so gargantuan.  We’re getting so fat that airlines are actually complaining about the extra fuel they have to burn just getting us into the air!  Not all Americans are this way, but it’s a growing problem and this is the impression that many people abroad have of us.  It’s vastly embarrassing, don’t you agree?

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