Note to self:  The next time I want to play Daniel in the Lion’s Den and convert lions to Christianity (even though they don’t speak English or even practice any particular religion), remember to try it from outside the cage.

I suppose God could have stopped this nutball from getting mauled, but I suspect God has a sense of humor…

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  1. Here’s what’s funny. (to me at least) Daniel was sentenced to die, and he was forced in an arena with Lions. This guy jumped in their little fake habitat and ordered the lions to bite him. So they did. I mean really, there’s only so much protection that God can offer to an idiot.


  2. As a Christian myself, I can’t help but laugh at that guy. You can’t convert that which hasn’t fallen from grace (or achieved self-awareness, use of language and a capacity for abstract thought). Admirable effort by the guy, but ultimately futile and dangerous.


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