9/11: What’s next?

In the next few days, as September 11 approaches, be aware that you, as a citizen and an obedient consumer, are going to be subjected to manipulation on a scale that you have probably never experienced before…aside from the first few weeks following the attacks, of course.  You will be constantly bombarded by dramatic replays (in fast and slow motion) of the plane crashes, footage of people jumping to their deaths, audiotapes of calls made by panicked passengers and WTC employees, heartfelt daytime/nighttime/primetime specials such as “9/11 Through the Eyes of the Children”, endless posturing and countless patriotic speeches by corrupt government officials and politicians, and the occasional worthwhile story about heroic rescues.

The point here is not to say that any of it is bad or good…  I am only asking that you be aware of what they are doing.  You will be told how to feel about this situation, so be alert and remember that you are still allowed to have your own opinion and feel however you wish about it.  Patriotic?  Religious?  Numb?  Outraged?  Indifferent?  It’s your choice to make, not theirs.  Propaganda is in your face all the time, and it will be especially thick in the next week or so.  Watch for it in every newscast, every primetime special, every dramatic crash replay, every newspaper story, and especially in every speech made by one of our elected officials.  Consider all points of view and come to your own conclusions.  It’s all right, trust me.

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