Bullshit Burger

My brother’s friend Dan sent this in.  It’s a typical example of an outright advertising lie.  We’ve all noticed this one, but it’s still fun to put on display.  Big, beefy burgers?  Yeah, right!  What a crock.  And yet, people just accept this kind of advertising lie and keep buying the stuff.  I think people should bring a photo of the advertised burger into the restaurant and demand that their burger look just like it.  But that will never happen, because apparently the typical consumer doesn’t mind getting ripped off.

Ok… so I go to lunch today and, since i’m low on cash and starving, I decide to hit the Wendy’s drive-in (I haven’t eaten at any fast-food place in 1 1/2 years cuz of my migraines, but I was feeling more than adventurous today, probably due to the fact that I saw Episode 2 last night and must’ve delusionally thought the Force was with me or something…)  Anyway — so I get back to the office, unwrap the foil from my Wendy’s Classic Single with Cheese hamburger, and low and behold it looks like this!

So I’m thinking… this is THEE most pathetic looking hamburger I’ve seen in quite some time! So that got me wondering… what do the photos of Wendys’ burgers look like on their website? Do they look the same as my pathetic, squished, pounded-down, roughed-up Classic with Cheese, since this is obviously what Wendy’s is selling on a daily basis? Of course not!

They’re nice, robust, plump, juicy, fresh-looking burgers that look like they just came hot off the grill and on to your dinner table! Mmmm mmm good!  Yeah, yeah, we’ve all noticed this reality check, and it’s even been poked fun at by Michael Douglas in Falling Down (one of my all-time favorite films!)… But since I happened to have a digital camera handy, I figure it’s worth one more jab at fast-food and the reality thereof in general…

The pix were taken immediately after the foil was unwrapped to expose the poor, pathetic-looking burger. No image trickery and no manipulation of the hamburger had been performed on the poor little burger (other than what it was subjected to at the hands of the Wendys staff who prepared it)…. This is exactly how it looked straight out of the bag… pathetic!

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