9/11 forewarning?

So!  The news is out: Bush and the White House (aaaand the FBI) apparently had forewarning about some sort of terrorist attack involving airplanes and rabid Muslim extremists. They didn’t have enough information to stop the attacks, but people are angry about it and asking questions. Well, how DARE you question our President at a time like this, when our country’s freedom is on the very brink of being snatched away from us by terrorists? How DARE you criticize this brave man who has put his own life on the line to defend our cherished American way of life? What are you, some sort of anti-American sympathizer pig? A rabble-rousing hippie communist peacemongering scumbag, aiding an abetting the enemy in this time of warfare? You people ought to be ASHAMED of yourselves! Critical thinking and asking questions about actions taken (or not taken) by our beloved President outright smacks of treason. Anyone who raises ANY questions about our brave President’s actions can go straight to Hell as far as I’m concerned. Why? Because I’m a PROUD AMERICAN, and PROUD AMERICANS don’t ask questions about their leaders’ behavior or criticize them during highly-patriotic times like these. So those of you who attacked others who didn’t follow the party line, who refused to get caught up in the fairweather patriotism and War Fever spreading like wildfire, who dared to speak their contrary opinions in the face of blind, fanatical flag-waving…if you attacked people like that for being unpatriotic, you may kindly shut up now. We have learned the lesson you taught us well:

Raising questions is BAD.
Blind, feel-good patriotism is GOOD.

Got it?  Now, go do some patriotic shopping!

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