Are you ugly?

Yes, you probly are.  Why?  Cause your not a modle like me!  Im beautifull, dont you think?  And that makes me SO much better than you.  Just look at you’re self!  You wear those plain old cloths.  You wear cheap perfum and departmint store shoes.  And you have body fat.  How can you possible be as good as me?  OK, so I cant spel good or read good or work electric things, but as long as I have my one meal a day and throw it up later, I can do anything better than you.  So worship me, you plain girl!  I’m a modle!

Update: Oohhh, I got some nasty e-mails about this one!  I’m not trying to say that I hate beautiful people.  It’s just that the fashion world has too firm a grip on society, and they obviously emphasize (and encourage) beauty over brains.  It’s all about how ya look, baby!  Sure, it’s a stereotype…but can you deny that there’s truth to it?

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